Thursday, November 7, 2013

More Celebs Like Audrey

Welcome back, guys! Did you miss me? We talked about Audrey Hepburn again last time out. And in the last paragraph, we mentioned that it is the dress that Audrey wore to Academy Reward. So I’ve been doing some digging on celebrities on red carpet. Here is some pics.

Natalie Portman

Ms. Portman arrived early in the week with a full gala-skirt and a chic little Hepburn-style top. Both nifty & fifties, gals! We particularly love the shape of the skirt paired with such a simple, albeit classic, top! However, that metallic fabric may be a little too space age for such a petite gal. Let’s see what you had to say, dames:
Katy Cunningham: “She needs an eye-catching belt and a non-reflective black bra. The camera flash highlights her chest. And maybe some sparkly cuffs? It just looks a little unfinished”
Alina Prado: “It’s nice to see a woman covered n classy … sometimes I like vintage styles better… I’m not sure about the print on bottom but I like the shape”
Summer Coyle: “I think she looks perfect and her outfit is gorgeous. She doesn’t need anything else. Less is more. Adding bling would look tacky.”

Carrie Underwood

Our favorite honky-tonk gal, Ms. Carrie Underwood, was spotted last week in this DIVINE little frock. Not only is it a fabulous shade of cerulean, but the embellishments are straight out of the 1950s.  Paired with perfect accessories? We smell a winner!
Miss Walker: “Great color on her and I think she rocks it.”
Vivian Barillas: “This dress ugh I luv it!!! My fav color “

Kate Beckinsale

Darlings, somewhere Joan Crawford and Rita Hayworth are high-fiving at a makeup counter in the sky.  Ms. Beckinsale was spotted in this vivaciously fabulous, red hot stunner! A slinky cocktail dress, complete with a 1940s style cut and bombshell slit up the side? We’d like one in every color.
Amber Scott: “ Meeow!!!”
Gwynn Adams: “ I’d marry this woman. “
Sophia Estrada: “I just love her.”

Michelle Williams

Shelly Williams stopped by briefly last week to give us an Audrey dress with Mia Farrow hair and we just about fell to pieces. That dress is the very definition of a classic LBD, while her hair is pristinely perfect! The epitome of chic, darlings!
Chris Sanchez: “Didn’t Renee Zellweger have a dress like this! I like this!”
Laurel Hayward: “She looks unhappy and uncomfortable in that dress. The top portion looks kind of awkward. I say drab. Not suited to her very slender body.”

Dita Von Teese

Is there a better way to wrap up a week, gals? The fabulous Dita graced us with her presence to coast us right into a fabulous weekend. The gown is PERFECTION, isn’t it? From the color to the detailing? When does this women get it wrong? The answer is never. Let’s see how hard you gals swooned for Miss Dita.
Carol Spears: “She is a beautiful. Every photo of her shows a glamorous woman who knows exactly what suits her.”
Angela McGuire: “Stop being so perfect, Dita!”
Stephanie Bonaparte: “ Always perfection”
Well there you have it, dames! Another fabulous week gone by and we know you gals spent all weekend sharpening your claws for this week! Shimmy over to Facebook for a daily dose of beauty and throw your opinion in the ring! Join us next Monday when we wrap up another divine week!
That’s all for today. Peace.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hepburn’s Polka Dots and Floral Patterns

Hi, everyone. Tomorrow is Halloween. Hope you guys are ready for it. Anyway, I made a promise that we were not going to talk about Halloween any more in this post, and I share keep it. Remember there was a post about Audrey Hepburn and her little black dresses? I am recently into Audrey Hepburn once again. And of course this time, we are not going to talk about little black dresses. What we are going to talk about is those vintage floral and polka dots dresses. As you know, floral theme and polka dots are the most classic elements in the history of fashion.

This piece of vintage dress which is embellished with polka dots all over is typical fashionable dresses at Hepburn’s age. The bateau neckline design shows that the people of that age were very much conservative, since they are reluctant to reveal their neck area to the public. The tank sleeve design on the other way liberated the whole arm and expose them to the public, which conveys the beauty of women’s long arms. The narrow waistband sitting in the middle is adorned with a heart-shaped brooch, which makes the whole vintage picture a little cute. The last and the most important, the pleated skirt part flows to the hemline in a ball gown shape. I am quite sure that this dress requires a petticoat inside to support the skirt area. So remember to buy a petticoat with this dress when you are shopping. I believe Amazon has got them all. Just go check it out.

This piece of vintage dress which is embellished with flowers all over is also typical fashionable dresses at Hepburn’s age. The bateau neckline design does the same trick as what I have stated above. The tank sleeve design on the other way does the same trick as what I have stated above, too. The simple and sassy waistband sits in the middle with a buckle in the front. The same goes for the pleated skirt. I also believe this piece requires petticoat inside to support the whole silhouette. So make sure you buy them together. The last piece comes in two colors, which are red and blue and I personally love the red one more. In terms of this piece, I love the one with bigger flowers, since it seems to be more elegant and beautiful. How do you guys thinks about these two pieces? Just like the old times, write to share your ideas with me.

So I have showed you guys the polka dots dresses and the floral pattern dresses. You think that is all for today? Nah, I am going to show you some more precious pictures of Audrey Hepburn’s, since the topic of this post is all about the legendary herself and her fashion taste, which from what I can see after so many years is quite amazing.

The ivory lace gown that the actress wore in the film and later wore to the Academy Awards. Almost the same silhouette as the polka dots dress and the floral pattern dress. It’s just it is made of different fabric and seems to be much more elegant and formal.

I think I’m falling in love with Audrey once again! Peace!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Halloween Is Coming (Episode 2)

Hello again, Halloween is just around the corner. I am just wondering if you guys have got what you would wear for this coming festival or not. I suppose some of you might have made up your mind to get a vampire costume for it. And how many of you have actually bought one? Anyway, I myself have bought one off Amazon and it just came in this morning. It is well packed and I am unpacking it this evening with my friends. I hope all of you have received your items which you ordered online, since shipping time is every unstable whenever it comes to festivals. I think we can’t blame those shipping companies, it is just there are so many packages to be delivered. For those who still haven’t received your costumes or any other accessories, wish you all the best.

Today’s topic is no longer the costume or accessories. We are going to talk about the big pictures here. It’s the whole decoration idea makes a Halloween party perfect. So yes, we will see some awesome photos which carry wonderful ideas.

This family handily take advantage of their windows. They place a witch, two hanged skeletons and a long-tailed devil in each window. It looks like the witch and the devil are torturing the skeletons in between. It makes me very curious to want to check out the interiors of the house. I guess it will be more than just some pumpkin heads, in which case it will be boring and it will not be matching the wonderful decors at the window.

Ever thought about making this whole Halloween thing elegant and peaceful? I bet you didn’t. From the first time people start to celebrate this festival, elegance never came out from people’s mouth and elegant was never the word to describe this special day. However, after having seen this picture, I started to realize how wrong and a fool I am all these years. Two pleated curtains with ghost prints on them hang peacefully. Two scallop-shaped embellishment connecting the end of the curtains complete the whole look. Two black throw pillows sit back silently in the back ground, matching the color of the curtains. The yellow and white pillows stand out dramatically to finish this whole view. So many effort are put together to form this simple and complicated scene. Just fabulous.

At last, it’s those little stuffs which can be placed anywhere in the house. It’s not really the big picture thing here. But if you use them properly and correctly, you will find your house in a wonderful Halloween atmosphere. Imagine little green eyeballs come out when you are eating muffins and drinking lemonade, it will be so much fun. I have done my research here, Amazon has got them all. So if you want equip the house with these spooky eyeballs, just find them on Amazon and get them home.

It’s just a week away from Halloween. We won’t be talking about it in my next post. Hope you guys enjoy the festival. Peace. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween is COMING!!

Halloween, a contraction of "All Hallows' Evening", also known as All Hallows' Eve, is a yearly celebration observed in a number of countries on October 31, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows (or All Saints) and the day initiating the triduum of Hallowmas, the time in the liturgical year dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed believers.

According to many scholars, all Hallows' Eve is a Christianized feast initially influenced by Celtic harvest festivals, and festivals of the dead with possible pagan roots, particularly the Scottish Gaelic Samhain. Other scholars maintain that it originated independently of Samhain and has solely Christian roots.

I just read about a stat on huffington post, which says consumers like you guys are expected to spend $6.9 billion in the coming Halloween. It is a pretty big sum, is it not? To be honest with you guys, I am also a big fan of Halloween. As a matter of fact, I have bought countless costumes for myself in the past years. So year after year, I am a big contributor to this Halloween course. And today we are going to see some gorgeous Halloween costumes.

First of all, let’s meet a celebrity, Katy Perry.

Katy Perry and her boyfriend John Mayer dress up in fun costumes for her birthday bash held at The Magic Castle on Friday in Los Angeles. The 27-year-old singer celebrated her 28th birthday by dressing up as a vampire, while John, who turned 35 earlier in the week, wore a prosthetic nose and chin for his zombie hunter costume.
Also in attendance at the party: Katy‘s brother David Hudson, stylist Johnny Wujek and his boyfriend Ricky, jewelry designer BFF Markus Molinari, Raising Hope star Shannon Woodward, DJ Mia Moretti, entrepeneur John Terzian, musician Blue Hamilton, actor Matt Dallas, producer David Ranes, musician Ferras, singer Sarah Hudson, and radio personality Karli Henriquez.
BTW, I like the red cloak very much.

Second dress is a set of four pieces, the black dress, the red slip, the lapel and the corset. Like I said, I’m into all lace stuffs. I would very much like to have this dress for my upcoming Halloween. To fit in the corset, I guess I have to lose a few weight recently. LOL. And the price of this costume is amazing. I run into it on the other day. And it’s just $39.99. Just good item at affordable price. Gotta have it in a heartbeat.

The third costume is relatively a more formal dress. Classic collar, puff sleeve at the shoulder, bell style sleeve opening together make a gothic style dress. The exaggerated skirt flares out to form a ball shape, which stretches all the way down to the floor. The white lace details adorn the whole black and red dress, making the whole dress much more complete and gorgeous. If you are invited to a very formal costume party on Halloween, I think you should really give this dress a try. Go and try to find on amazon!

OK, that’s all for today. We will continue to talk about Halloween in the next post. Peace.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Talk About Chiffon Dresses in Fall

It’s almost middle of October now. Leaves are falling down, days are getting shorter, and people are wearing more and more clothes day by day. Yes, fall is coming in a rapid speed. Whenever this situation happens, it’s the time you know shopping malls are throwing big discounts on summer garments. Yesterday, I was attracted into a store when I was wandering on the street, because there was a sign put up outside the store which said 80% off on all dresses. I had to admit that it was indeed a big attraction for all of customers like me.

As everyone knows, chiffon dresses has been popular on the market for quite a few years. Factories are manufacturing, stores are selling and people are buying. It’s like a gigantic stomach digesting huge amount of food. And amazingly, it has been doing so well so far. So put in short and simple, people love chiffon dresses. Today I am going to recommend some chiffon dresses with wonderful design, gorgeous print or delicate embroidery. What’s more, you can find them with a very affordable price. Yes, fall is coming, and let’s buy some dresses with good quality and low prices for next Summer.

First of all, let’s see a dress which is perfect for office lady.

Office ladies are always suited up in black tow-pieced dress & suit set. And they always find it difficult to grab a beer or go to a party after work in the set. That’s pretty frustrated. Dressed up in the piece of chiffon dress, I think they can literally go any occasion without disrespecting their work in the day. The sage color delivers a feeling of laying low and sassy. When it comes to a casual occasion, it also delivers a vintage chic. And you can always add a jacket outside the dress to complete an even better look.

The second piece is actually a best seller online. I have come across this dress multiple times on pinterest and wanelo and sites like that.

Round neckline goes with sleeveless tank style top. Embellished with geometrical patterned embroideries, the upper bodice is scattered with some rhinestones. The pleated skirt flows to the floor-length hemline smoothly. The skirt part is in pure black, which transit the focus on to the bodice part and make the beautiful design stand out perfectly. And I believe you guys have seen so many geometrical patterns on so many chiffon dresses, but I also believe that the majority of them are no match for the patterns on this piece. Actually, one of the online stores sold 100 thousand of this dress. Amazing, huh?

Third piece is styled by ASOS, which you guys know as the biggest online fashion store in UK. They indeed supply beautiful dresses. And of the dresses they supply, I fancy this one most. I mistook the fabric as satin or something like that when I first laid eyes on this piece. You have to admit that the gorgeous floral print highlights this dress. Go to and get one for next summer now!

That’s all for chiffon dresses. We’ll be talking about Halloween costumes soon because Halloween is coming! Peace.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Little Black Dresses Made of Lace

People actually got to know little black dresses by watching Audrey Hepburn in her classic dress. I believe nobody would guarantee that he or she hasn’t seen that classic and elegant look. Somehow I’m still using some of the classic photos in the post.

It’s classic because the look in the pictures have got so deep into people’s heart. Nowadays, when people wear a black sleeveless dress with a stick in her hand, first thing that pops out in the head is definitely Audrey Hepburn. It is like the Beatles, like it has been a habit in every aspect of people’s lives.

Since then little black dresses spread like virus, everybody were talking about it and everybody were eager to get a piece of their own. Of all those modified-version of little black dresses, I personally like the lace ones most. And I just think that white lace is for wedding gowns and black lace is for little black dresses. I mean they are just perfect matches for each other. Lace is also alluring at the same time of being elegant and classic. When you want to be classic and sexy, that’s the stuff you go for. Still haven’t try those little black dresses made of lace out? Find one on Amazon or Ebay, order it now!

Now I am going to recommend two pieces of little black dresses made of lace, which I recently come across online, to you guys. So sit back and watch.

Lace sleeves have been trendy since Kate Middleton wore her wedding dress on her big day. Short lace dresses would definitely have a tank sleeve design in the past, or go with spaghetti straps. What highlights the whole dress is the plunging V-neckline. A relatively conservative 3/4 length sleeve matching with a relatively alluring plunging V-neckline makes the whole dress astonishing. The pleated bodice along with the irregular hemline fit in perfectly, conveying a wonderful feeling. Though we can’t see what the back details are, I guess it is also a V-shaped back, revealing the beauty of back.

The second piece is styled by ASOS. You can check their official website for this piece. I guess some of you have already met this dress if you have been to recently. To avoid advertisement, I won’t be giving any direct link here. I do not know how you guys think of this dress, but I love it to death. The round neckline and the illusion effect created by sheered lace highlight the front of the dress. Inside the illusion effect, sits a sweetheart neckline, which is cute and alluring. What amazes me is actually the back details. It is neither lace-up closure nor zipper closure. The back is all covered up by delicate and translucent lace, which reveals the beauty and figure of the wearer’s back. And this dress is also very body-hugging and figure-flattering. Think you are not thin enough to fit in this dress? Find a gym.

Feel free to email me beautiful dresses that you are into. You should know where to shoot an email. I’m out. Peace.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Holidays After Holidays

I had a very nice holiday after publishing my previous post. Mid Autumn Days are always the best, for families are having a small get-together and doing some random chatting. Our country has a strange way of cutting us a slack. Sometimes, it would be a few months between holidays and people are desperate to take a break and wait for the next holiday. Sometimes, it would only be a couple of days in the gap. So we’ll be resting for another seven days after another two days’ of work. Anyway, you can never complain about holidays coming so fast. I mean who doesn’t love holidays. :)

The following holiday is like 14th July in the States. So today our topic is National Day fashion about America. I believe you guys have come across so many items concerning about the US national flag in the past, from heels to tops, from socks to bikinis. I am going to show you guys the coolest stuffs about US national flag I have ever seen.

First, as you can see, it’s those gorgeous and nicely designed national flag themed nails. Red and blue are always the most loved colors across the world. When these two colors meet on a single nail in stripes and star patterns, you will just be attracted to the pure beauty of it. Even if you are not an American, you can still go to the store and have these set done, you will definitely rock when you hang out with your friend. So take action and find the nearest store to have your nails done. You will find yourself completely changed.

The second item is a set of bikini. I believe some of you guys have come across so many different styles of national flag themed bikinis in the past. But I guarantee you that all those sets are no match for this particular one. I am not really a big fan of halter neck and I guess most of you aren’t too, but the stars on the halter straps had me at the first sight. I mean it’s just all about details. Two tie knots sitting on both side of the pantie make it much more easier to dismantle and wash. The red straps on the bust cups immediately catch attention when you are out on the beach and into the crowd. Just a marvelous set of bikini. It’s a pity though that I didn’t recommend this set a couple of months ago so that you guys can actually get it in store and show off your beauty and figure.

The last item, also my favorite item, is this legging. Nowadays, more and more young girls choose to wear leggings more than actual pants. Leggings are much lighter and more affordable, considering the fact that they are not material-consuming. And what’s more about leggings, they always come with great print patterns like the one above. Actually this is just a designed style based on the national flag. They use the same color, only the adding some more dots though. Do you own any leggings at all? Go to the store or get one online now!

That’s all for today. Peace.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Right Before Mid Autumn Day

No, I am not going to talk about those Christian Louboutins any more in this post. It will be Mid-Autumn Day here tomorrow, so I am sharing some love right before it. I won’t be talking to you guys for days, so I guess I have to publish a post for it.

I guess I have to some educating on this festival since not everyone of my readers are about to celebrate this day. The Mid-Autumn Festival is a popular harvest festival celebrated by Chinese and Vietnamese people. The festival is held on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar, during a full moon, which is in September or early October in the Gregorian calendar, close to the autumnal equinox.

Maybe some of you have risen doubts until now, how does any of this have anything to do with fashion? For god sake, you are a fashion blogger, not some tradition introducer. OK, here is how it’s relevant between Mid Autumn Day and fashion.

This picture is called “Pedal My Way to the Moon”. It’s literally a girl with ethereal hair, blue sweater with rabbit print, pleated chiffon skirt, and sneakers, standing right besides here vintage bike. It is that much of a wonderful feeling just by watching this picture. It is like I am brought back into that special summer night in my happy and innocent childhood again. Feel like falling in love with this picture, with this girl? Have you ever dreamt of riding a bike all the way to the moon? I actually dreamt of swimming my way to the moon. That was just ridiculously funny.

Mid Autumn festival is celebrating a full moon with moon cakes. I googled for a decent time on the internet, and I went to ETSY and Ebay to find something cool and interested and has something to do with the full moon. I came across this tee the other day. I have been a huge fan for the color of purple and the pattern of mustache. And as you can see, this tee literally has got both of them. I think I’m gonna get killed by cute attack of the moon face with mustache. Wanna get this tee for yourselves or for your boy? Go get it on Ebay. I’m not doing any commercials on Ebay stores. :D

Last picture is actually more about photography. Yes, the man in blue has a full moon on his tee, but I am more impressed by the way he is on the camera. He looks calm and unhurried with both of his feet off the ground. It is like he is ready for jumping his way to the moon. And what’s more hilarious, the woman behind him looks at him with a strange expression on her face. Very intriguing and so much fun.

At last I wanna send out a gigantic moon cake to you all. You guys can have it and split it. Have a good time on Mid Autumn Day to all those who are gonna celebrate this festivals like I am.

I’m out. Peace.