Saturday, April 6, 2013

Do I earn my one ounce of luck?

It's been ten days since the last post went live.

Nothing good has happening to me since this blog got started. I bet nobody need an ounce of luck worse than I do. So let me spit all of those out and start fresh.

I was away from home and heading to this fancy party. Some of you might say it's no fancy party if there is no fancy stretch limos coming pick you up. That's right, there was none. But to me, it is. So I was in my car and listening to some Bruno Mars, thinking how I was gonna show up in the front of the crowd, how I was gonna greet with everyone that I know and I don't, how I was gonna gracefully pick a cocktail from the waiter's tray, how I was gonna do some social with people that I might be able to do some business with. Here I was, arriving at the host's villa. After waiter opened the door for me, I gently stepped out of my vehicle. And I was asked for my invitation. Yes, my INVITATION! Where the hell was it? It was like going to an entrance examination without admission ticket, yes it was like that. A little carelessness cost me a beautiful night. I ended up cooking myself a little something to bite at my own kitchen. And to be frank with you, that was about the most terrible food I've ever had.

Picture above is shot by a friend of mine who actually brought his invitation and attended the party. And here are more, as you can see, I did miss a lot.

Stay with me, we are not finished just yet. This happened just on the following day. Nothing was on my schedule and I was in my bed all day sleeping. And all of a sudden, my head started to ache and I could feel my temperature was climbing to roof. So a fever came to me out of nowhere and I could barely get on my feet. I was stuck in my bed and waited for the fever cooling down. This was the most ridiculous illness that ever happened to me.

Nah nah nah, you guys think this is over? Story's just getting started. I have never been food poisoned by someone intentionally or unintentionally. But as bad as it could get, I did have my first food poisoning due to the half raw shrimps. I've always been into shrimps. They are good food and I like good food. So I guess I should always be careful with those seafood, which will easily make you run to the restroom like ten times an hour. Trust me, diarrhea and vomiting will make sure you wind up bad.

Do not ever eat these, guys. It carries hundreds of thousands of parasites which can make you sick like hell. Just stick to the cooked food and boiled water, our lives will be fine.

That's pretty much it.

Did I just earn my one ounce of luck?